Case Study: Xbox Games Showcase


Artifact was asked to collaborate with multiple production and creative partners on the Xbox Games Showcase 2024. Our remit included two primary responsibilities: to develop and create an attention-grabbing graphics package that would give the show a distinctive identity, and to provide overall creative direction of the show for a more cinematic, intimate, and visually cohesive audience experience.

The Challenge

For the graphics package, we needed to create a look that was aligned with the Xbox brand and the established VisID while still distinct from past showcases. These graphics also had to be specifically designed to include elements that would function on set across multiple LED screens in the background during production, reflecting the shifting mood and tone of different game titles while always remaining grounded in the broader Xbox Games Showcase identity.

Overall, the show had to evolve while maintaining consistency with previous years. Instead of proposing a new format or style, we worked with the established Xbox Games Showcase flavor to bring something fresh, intimate and more human.

Our Approach

Drawing from Artifact’s previous experience in the creative direction of live gaming showcases, we understood the importance of creative coherence and a personable presentation. Camera, lens choice, framerate, and shot composition were adjusted for a cinematic look, creating an intimate feel and making the hosts more human. Tapping into Artifact’s extensive technical knowledge and creative talents, we worked with the Xbox brand team to translate the VisID into a larger broadcast show environment, coordinating with technical crews to adjust graphics on set. Finally, our finishing team added music, sound effects, and enhanced color correction to elevate the final product.


The shift in production approaches led to a vastly more cinematic presentation that brought out the humanity of each speaker, created a more emotional experience, and still achieved Xbox’s messaging agenda. The graphics provided the dynamic motion and transitions necessary to seamlessly flow between segments and titles which ultimately gave the showcase a much more cohesive feel.