David Grabias / Selected Work

Xbox 2024: Are You Ready?

To promote Xbox’s upcoming 2024 slate of games, we interviewed developers at studios around the world. This short social asset leans into outtakes and behind-the-scenes moments to tease upcoming announcements.

We Are Bethesda

Produced to kick off Bethesda Softworks’s annual fan event, we asked game developers’ children what they think their parents do all day, resulting in some harsh yet hilarious truths.

Marcel Duchamp Comes to Pasadena

Produced for PBS, this Emmy-winning documentary uncovers the story behind the iconic image of artist Marcel Duchamp playing chess with a nude model… How Duchamp agreed to hold his first-ever career retrospective in Pasadena at a time when the city was considered an artistic wasteland; and how the opening night party became a defining moment for generations of Southern California artists who would go on to change the world of contemporary art.

The Away Game

When Tim Hortons Canada decided to support Kenya’s only ice hockey team and give them the experience of a lifetime, agency Zulu Alpha Kilo turned to long-time collaborators David Grabias and Artifact to tell the story.

Nightshift: "Bread"

With an intimate, first-person approach, NIGHTSHIFT (produced for PBS) explores social issues through the stories of those who work at night. Following individuals, like this baker and mother, in cinema-vérité fashion through the course of a 24-hour period, NIGHTSHIFT gives voice to those who are seldom heard—because the rest of us are asleep—and explores the evolving nature of labor in a 24-hour economy.

Can You Skip Without Smiling?

Can you skip and keep a straight face? We documented our social experiment to find out, with results that might just make you… smile.

Back in the Game

Across Canada, high school football programs are struggling to make ends meet and survive. So Nissan Canada is helping 21 needy teams with equipment and support. Produced in partnership with TBWA Toronto, BACK IN THE GAME chronicles a season at two of those schools. Over a series of episodes, we learn that, despite devastating funding cuts, high school football is needed more now than ever.